Crypto Summit Online 2020 – New chapter has opened

Crypto Summit Online 2020 hứa hẹn sẽ là một hội nghị ảo có-một-không-hai tại Việt Nam tập trung vào việc mang đến những kiến thức, góc nhìn trực quan và thiết...

Partners Activities

Our Partners ( Random )

Jack Xiao

Nervos Community

As a strong believer in the healing power of nature, Georgia is always there, as our volunteer photographer

Carrie Linch


Ever since she was in high school, Carrie started working hard in recycling education and also fighting pollution

Kaleb Black


Mary and Mark started this adventure 7 years ago, when there was no real voice protecting the environment

Mary Cook


Mary is teaching school children valuable information about our planet, recycling and pollution